Success Stories.

Discover our Success Stories at Stonecast Group, where each project highlights our expertise in landscaping, paving, and contracting. These stories showcase the trust and satisfaction of our clients, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence in every endeavor.

Waterford Park Redevelopment

Waterford Park Redevelopment Waterford Park Redevelopment Welcome to the renovated Waterford Park in Hamilton, Ontario, a testament to Stonecast Group’s commitment to community enhancement. Our redevelopment project encompasses strategically placed sewers for efficient stormwater management, meticulous regrading for an improved landscape, and the addition of recreational features. Sustainable Stormwater Solutions: Our advanced sewer system ensures efficient stormwater collection, promoting ecological balance throughout the park. Redefined Topography: Experience the park’s enhanced beauty with purposeful reshaping, seamlessly merging functionality and aesthetics. Multi-Use

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Guelph Locomotive Relocation

Guelph Locomotive Relocation Guelph Locomotive Relocation Cutting-Edge Engineering: We engineered a state-of-the-art concrete slab strategically placed by City Hall, turning the locomotive into a central town attraction. Collaboration with Mamath: Our expert team collaborated with Mamath to temporarily transform the main road, ensuring a seamless relocation. Environmental Sustainability: Post-relocation, we repurposed the original pad in a green space, showcasing our commitment to environmental sustainability. Precision Engineering and Community Pride: Experience the intersection of precision engineering and community pride with Stonecast

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Iroquois Ridge Community Centre

Iroquois Ridge Community Centre Iroquois Ridge Community Centre At Stonecast Group, we take pride in the completion of the Iroquois Ridge Community Center project in Oakville, Ontario. The project progressed seamlessly, finishing ahead of schedule. Our team executed a flawless reconstruction of the entrance, skillfully removing the old structure and adding new elements, including a flagpole and bollards with decorative lighting. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, safety remained our top priority, and we continued our work, even

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Central Park Hamilton

Central Park Hamilton Central Park Hamilton​ Central Park is an existing park located at 171 Bay Street North, Ward 2 and falls within the central neighbourhood. It is a neighbourhood park 3.25 hectares in size. Local residents can easily walk or bike to this park. Neighbourhood Parks generally have a mix of passive areas, sports facilities, informal and formal play areas, and may include natural areas. Location Hamilton, Ontario Timeline 11 Months Get Estimate In just 9 months, Stonecast Group sculpted a

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Leighland Park

Leighland Park. Leighland Park. This project included the following improvements to the park: Irrigation Renewal of ball diamond D2 with added accessible spectator seating Tennis courts Pickleball courts Basketball/ball hockey court Fitness loop with outdoor fitness equipment Leash-free area Multiple shade structures with seating Drinking fountain Site furniture Drainage improvements Trees Location Burlington, Ontario. Timeline 9 Months Get Estimate In just 9 months, Stonecast Group sculpted a community gem. Turning vision into reality, our team redefined speed and precision. Park

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Dunnville Retention Pond

Dunnville Retention Pond. Dunnville Retention Pond Objective: Increase water collection capacity to prevent flooding in the surrounding community. Description: The project focused on enhancing the Dunnville Retention Pond’s ability to collect and manage stormwater efficiently. Functionality: The retention pond serves as a crucial safeguard, preventing flooding in local properties by collecting water during storms. Environmental Impact: Designed to responsibly manage water resources, the pond gradually disperses collected water into Lake Erie. Community Benefit: The project contributes to the overall safety

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