Guelph Locomotive Relocation

Guelph Locomotive Relocation

Cutting-Edge Engineering:

We engineered a state-of-the-art concrete slab strategically placed by City Hall, turning the locomotive into a central town attraction.

Collaboration with Mamath:

Our expert team collaborated with Mamath to temporarily transform the main road, ensuring a seamless relocation.

Environmental Sustainability:

Post-relocation, we repurposed the original pad in a green space, showcasing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Precision Engineering and Community Pride:

Experience the intersection of precision engineering and community pride with Stonecast Group.


Guelph, Ontario


6 Months

Our Guelph Locomotive Relocation project is a testament to Stonecast Group’s commitment to innovation and community. Placing the locomotive by City Hall reflects our dedication to bringing the community together, showcasing precision engineering and collaboration with Mamath. The temporary road transformation and repurposing of the original pad in a green space underscore our values of ingenuity and environmental responsibility.

Other Projects.

Central Park, situated at 171 Bay Street North, Ward 2, is a 3.25-hectare neighborhood park in the central area. It offers a variety of features, including passive areas, sports facilities, and both formal and informal play spaces, making it easily accessible for local residents by walking or biking.

Stonecast Group boosted Dunnville Retention Pond, protecting properties from floods. Our team increased water retention, efficiently preventing flooding by collecting stormwater. We responsibly disperse excess water into Lake Erie for community safety.


At Stonecast Group, we enhanced the Iroquois Ridge Community Center in Oakville with a prompt and safe reconstruction, adding a flagpole, bollards with lighting, and planters. Our commitment to excellence is evident, completing the project ahead of schedule, even amidst COVID-19 challenges